Our Team

Noel FurnissSales Representative Ontario

Noel has always loved the water. Right after high school he attended Fleming College and received a diploma in Sporting Good Business and Business Administration and got into the watersport industry right out of school. Noel learned to dive 2013 and been loving it even since.

Thomas LeszkiewiczSales Representative Quebec

Having a Bachelors in Biology and a deep passion for the ocean and its wildlife, especially sharks, it was a perfect match for Thomas to become a representative for the Diversco Scuba Divison. He finds it’s always an exciting time meeting people with similar interests from all over the world. Getting to test all the latest Sherwood toys in the water is definite bonus as well!

Michelle RichardsSales Representative Atlantic Canada

As a surfer for over a decade, Michelle has always floated on top of the water or has rolled beneath it in the waves before quickly surfacing.  However, she never fully comprehended what was “down below”.  Learning to scuba dive gave Michelle a clearer perspective of what is “down below”. Scuba diving allows her to see and experience marine life in its natural habitat.  In any activity, having the proper equipment and instruction is essential to a safe and fun experience.  Michelle is very fortunate to work with others in Diversco’s Scuba Division and the many Diversco scuba clients throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

Bob LedbetterSales Representative Florida

Bob Ledbetter learned to dive during his military service on Okinawa in 1968. Upon discharge he returned to the Univ. of Tennessee where he became active in the school scuba program. He was a partner in a small dive business and became a NAUI instructor in 1973. Bob and Silvia moved to Gainesville Florida in 1977 when Bob took a job as the Sherwood Regional Sales Representative. Over the years Bob has created a Multi Person Sales Agency selling dive equipment throughout the Western Hemisphere. He enjoys the technical aspects of equipment design and does repair clinics on a regular basis.

Silvia LedbetterSales Representative Florida

Silvia Ledbetter took a 3 month long NAUI scuba course in 1973 and has been an active diver ever since. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Univ. of Tennessee, graduating in 1976. She supported Bob for the first 5 years as he got the Manufacturer’s Rep business started working in intensive care, the emergency room, and the burn unit. She joined Bob full time as a rep in 1983 calling on dive accounts across the State of Florida. Over the years she has been privileged to dive in numerous locations around the world from the Red Sea to Australia. She shares management of the Rep Agency.

Lance HerringSales Representative Eastern Caribbean

Lance began Scuba Diving at the age of 12 and it quickly became a lifelong passion. Now at over 5000 dives later, Lance has worked as a Divemaster Instructor and Captain and Scuba Rep in Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Florida over the past 20 years.  He has used and believed in Sherwood/Akona/Genesis products from his early days in the Scuba industry. Lance was always impressed with the quality and reliability of theses brands, and is very proud to be affiliated with such a superior product line.

Kirk MortensenSales Representative

Kirk has been in the diving industry full time since 1980 and has had the privilege of meeting and working with a lot of great people. They say time flies when you’re having fun… Well time has definitely flown by and Kirk believes the fun part is the key to the success of the scuba industry.

Scott WittenSales Representative

Scott began working at his local scuba shop in 1987 and immediately knew that this was what he wanted to be involved with for the rest of his life. Scott began running group travel from 1991-2003 throughout the Caribbean. He started with Diversco in January of 2015 and covers Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Diversco and Scott strive to deliver the best products and customer service to their clients. 

Sean LangenSales Representative Western Canada

Sean has been hooked on scuba diving from the moment he took his first breath underwater and views our time spent below the surface as a privilege. He has been a leader in the scuba diving community in Western Canada for over ten years. Since 2010, Sean has been a PADI Instructor and loves sharing his passion for the sport with new and experienced divers.  In addition to be a skilled instructor he has worked as both a municipal and industrial Firefighter in Alberta for over five years.  Sean’s diving experience spans numerous national and international locations such as Costa Rica, Bonaire, Honduras, and The Cayman Islands where he has spent time as an instructor, service technician and store manager.  Although he appreciates the beauty of tropical dive sites like most divers, he is a cold water diving enthusiast who enjoys ice diving, technical diving and the cold water wrecks of British Columbia.