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Akona Seco Boot

I love my Seco boots. I did a pond dive this weekend and the water from my wetsuit had flowed right into my boots. I didn't have to worry about draining the boots of the extra water being poured into as, I knew the holes in the boot would drain it out... read more

Eric P
Sherwood Maximus Regulator

The Maximus has returned to the Sherwood line up with a whole new look. Those who knew it before will recognize the under arm hose that keeps entanglement to a minimum, helps eliminate jaw fatigue at permits air to be shared in a face to face position... read more

Sherwood SR1 to SR2

When I started my Pro-Diving Career, I was not very savvy about the pros and cons of different regulators. So I took the advice of my mentor and what I got was the much praised SR1 from Sherwood Scuba. I love it and I still dive it today, 7 years later… read more

Jeff Currer
August 31, 2016
August 31, 2016
August 30, 2016
Diversco Scuba Products in Action
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