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By: Michelle Richards


A dive flag symbol is nailed to a tree and a row of cars are parked on the shoulder of the road. This must be the spot. So, I continue to climb over the guard rail and down the rocky shore.   The group from La Dive have just completed their morning open water check out dive and are beginning lunch.

The group is enthusiastic, friendly and social. A mixture of French and English is spoken. The sun is shining, air temperature warm and the water calm.   Feeling is really good about the next dive.

Serge’s son, Patrick will be my dive buddy. We help each other get ready and he’s quickly impressed me by what a great asset he is to the La Dive group.

We swim out and wait at the dive flag for the others to join. Serge gives the signal to descend and we place the regulators in our mouth and let the air slowly out from our BCDs.

The ocean floor rolls and curves. Large boulders are covered in brownish/ yellow swaying vegetation.   The odd florescent yellow or purple plant pops out in the mix.   A lobster is quickly spotted followed by small crabs.

Patrick and I separate from the main group, as they continue with check out dives for open water certification. We travel deeper to 35 feet. The temperature drops as we hit the thermal layer so we come up a few feet slightly to explore.   The location offers a variety of thick vegetation and many rock orifices for sea life to hide.

It’s the coldness that sets into our bodies which tells us to end the dive before our dive computers do. Apparently we weren’t the only ones, as we notice Serge and the check out divers also emerging.

With a quick change into warm dry clothes on shore, the group begins to work together forming a chain along the rocky sloop from the shore to the road. The equipment is passed along this chain upwards.

The weekend was a fun and safe experience diving with the La Dive group.

For anyone that hasn’t tried scuba, I’d highly recommend signing up for a course with your local dive shop. Dive shops will offer a discover scuba and open water course to get you started.

Observing and participating with La Dive this weekend reconfirmed what a great experience scuba is underwater plus on land socially for new and experienced divers.


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